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June 30, 2008



As we lake-swimmers know, the only true way to keep alligators and their ilk from bothering you is to throw rocks in a circle. Not once did you mention this proven method when describing your routine. Frankly, I consider that irresponsible. You never know when one of your dear readers will face a similar situation. I am sorry you were so viciously attacked by the turtle, but, maybe next time you will take a bag of rocks with you in your float. Once bitten, twice shy.


I like your writings. Very entertaining. Can you do a writing on your expenses and guidance for others who might want to take a similar trip. I dont recall seeing how much it cost in US dollars to rent the car, the airline tickets, the hostels, etc. Did you get any shots such as for yellow fever vaccination? How about doing a simple "how to prepare/what to expect page"?


That was hilarious.

Your description of the day was so pleasant, I knew something scary was coming up. You are good at story-telling.

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