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June 28, 2008


Katie Alley


I just discovered your blog, and this entry in particular really hit home for me. I returned to the US after 4 months in Argentina back in April, and I can completely identify with this post. It's amazing how quickly the mind begins to disconnect from a language that is not spoken on a daily basis (even though I've been speaking it for almost 30 years). Two weeks after hitting US soil I was still letting the occasional Spanish word fly! Looking forward to reading more.

Katie :)


I look forward to hearing about your small town in SC. We lived in Columbia for 5 years and our children were born in West Columbia.

When we came back from Argentina, and we were only there 7 days, I felt the same way when we came back. I kept thanking everyone in Spanish and thinking about every word I was going to say.

I have so enjoyed your blog and I look forward to going back to BA one day.

Deanna Swiney

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